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Our Services and Features


We are a value added Bi-lingual B to B e-commerce platform, offering comprehensive online business services including Wholesale, Business Partner Match and Business Sell/Buy.


The Wholesale Section:

Provides a bilingual English and Chinese channel for importers/exporters in US and worldwide to trade with China. Even if you do not know Chinese, you still can sell to China market through this channel.


Biz Partner Match Section:

Serves as a broker on which business persons in US,China and worldwide can post biz partner wanted ads to find biz partners, such as investors and startups match,

joint vent partners, outsourcing etc.


The Buy/Sell Business Section:

Functions as a virtual place for business owners to sell their business to buyers in China and worldwide.

They can post text, picture and video about the business for sale. Business buyers can offer  to acquire the company for sale or post an acquisition request.


Our unique language assistance will translate your English business leads into Chinese and simultaneously release your leads in English and Chinese versions to facilitate your business to China and the world. Our communication tool - trade messenger is a web based instant messenger, enabling members talk business online. The trade alert will keep you informed of the latest posted leads.


We will also provide such useful contents as China and US trade tips and news, China and US import/export law and rules, investor resources and business valuation knowledge and tools.


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