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Agent Wanted
Posted By: Ashwini kumar on 2013-02-11
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MIKADO A MULTI TECHNOLOGY GROUP IN SERVICE OF MAN KIND. Dear sir, MIKADO is an ISO:9001:2008 certified company awarded with National Quality Award, Udyog Rattan Award and Award For Total Quality Management. LIZARD REP You just have to remove the realising paper and stick the cube on the choke of Tube Light so that it gets little heat. It is very easy to repel the Lizards with our lizard rep. CROACH REP is 100% non poisonous, non hazardous odorless. With one application of this product, the cockroaches can be eradicated for at least six months. FLY CATCHER It can trap thousands of flies in it.this is a safest &100% time tested product.does not require any recurring cost. HERBAL RED LINE ANT REPELLENT Draw a line on the ant effected area or circle on the ant hole. You will be surprised, in 5 minutes where the ants have gone. This line will be effective till you don’t wash or mop the line. SUPER FRESH . For one year there will be no entry of cockroaches in fridge and will keep everything fresh and hygienic PULSES SAVER Saves pulses and cereals dry fruits from insects and pests while storing for one year. For any detail please visit us at at Tel +9198150-14470, +919815554470Regards Ashwini Kumar

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