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Dear friends,

I would like to have the honor of inviting your firm to join in our site - to join hands to boost US exports to China and the World. 

US Department of Commerce reports that the 20010 US-China trade amount reached 331 billion U.S. dollars, but 82% was imported from China to the U.S. US exported only account for 18% of the total trading amount. The trade unbalance is huge. So there is a big room for US goods to export to China. is country-to-country next-generation E-commerce 2.0 company that links two biggest markets in the world –China market and US Market together. It offers business-to-business solutions to China and US small and medium sized companies by enabling them to trade directly with each other and to find business partners efficiently through our platform.

Our Services and Features

We are a value added Bi-lingual B to B e-commerce platform, offering comprehensive online business services including Wholesale, Business Partner Match and Business Sell/Buy.

Our unique language assistance will translate your English business leads into Chinese and simultaneously release your leads in English and Chinese versions to facilitate your business to China and the world. Our communication tool - trade messenger is a web based instant messenger, enabling members talk business online. The trade alert will keep you informed of the latest posted leads.

 We will also provide such useful contents as China and US trade tips and news, China and US import/export law and rules, investor resources and business valuation knowledge and tools.

 Highlights of Our Advantages

1.We are a global B to B Ecommerce company, striding the two biggest economic
giants, US and China and expanding to the world. Our mission is to help
US and the world to export to China to take advantage of China economic

2. We solve 3 global B to B E-commerce problems: B to B Channel, insufficient
information and Language Barrier..

3. We satisfy an unmet China Import market created by US China Trade Deficit(

$200 Billion ) and 600 million China growing middle class consumers.

Looking forward to serving you, or partnership,or investment. 

Best Regards
David, Haotian Dai



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